UNK Students at a dance performance

Come Dance with Us

The Dance Program at UNK integrates physical practice, lecture and theory classes, in several disciplines and at all technical levels. Students beginning their movement journey can experience introductory courses in Modern, Ballet, Jazz and Tap, or fulfill aesthetic credits with Dance Appreciation—a course designed to inform, expand experiences and challenge students with movement and dance technology projects. This 24-credit minor enhances any major, and is open to all students at UNK, both inside and outside the fine and performing arts.

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UNK Dance student performing

Upcoming Events


Check back between April 30 and May 2 for the dance film, undercurrent, inspired by the artwork of Susan Knight. The screening coincides with the last days of Knight’s piece, Core Sampling Magic, on display at the Museum of Nebraska Art now through May 2.

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UNK Dance Students Performing

Dance Opportunities

UNK Dance Program offers students a broad practical and theoretical knowledge of dance, both as a fine art and a humanity. All of this while developing a world view of dance as a performing art, contextualizing the student's place in it. Dance transcends boundaries of society and culture by examining them through the common language we all share—the moving body.

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