UNK Cyber Systems Google CS4HS Grant

Computer Science Principles on the Prairie (CSPoP) program - Phase 2

UNK Cyber Systems received funding from Google Inc. Fund of Tides Foundation, Google CS4HS program, of the “Computer Science Principles on the Prairie” (CSPoP) program, starting in 2016. This program consists workshops, online coursework, and on-going community of practice activities to introduce K-12 teachers to computational thinking and the computer science “big ideas”, as outlined in the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum. The focus is on incorporating these ideas into existing curriculum as well as in the development of computer science (CS)/ Information Technology (IT) courses for middle and high schools. This program also aims to connect teachers (especially rural teachers) with each other and with computer science experts at the university. (Teacher Welcome Kit)

Nebraska resources/training for K-12 CS/IT Teachers:

For more information about this program, contact Dr. Sherri Harms.