The Center for Economic and Rural Development has an array of services available to Nebraska businesses and communities.

Existing and new entrepreneurs can visit the Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Development for an initial consultation to learn more about how to launch a business and become award of the additional resources available locally, state-wise, and regionally. This consultation is a service provided by the College of Business and Technology. After the consultation, CERD can provide a variety of services, depending on the entrepreneur’s needs.

Our Services include:

  • Business Planning
  • Branding, Marketing, and Entity Guidance
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Evaluation Studies & Program Review
  • Mentoring Client Entrepreneurs
  • Moderated Focus Groups (recording available)
  • Patent Searching and Consulting
  • Research Design
  • Scientific Sampling
  • Social Media Research Integration
  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation

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Technical Research

CERD specializes in conducting research to help communities and entrepreneurs better understand their target markets. Some of the ways we conduct this research include: focus groups with interactive survey technology, mail, telephone, and internet.

Loper Links

This is an online platform, built by UNK students, to bring small business owners/managers and qualified undergraduate students together. LoperLinks is aimed to connect qualified undergraduate students with talent-seeking entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can access the site and then contact students to explore opportunities to work together on a contractual-basis. LoperLinks Services include acting, creative writing, graphic design, IT services, photography, videography, voice acting, and web design. Coming Summer 2019.


As part of the outreach efforts of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Development, our team does presentations in the community, in schools and at special events. We are able to share valuable information about entrepreneurship, business development, economic indicators, market feasibility and more. We can customize the presentation to fit with your audience. We have resources for fun activities helping participants create actionable ideas and expose them to potential opportunities for growth and innovation. Whether your group is an elementary class eager to ideate and create mock businesses, a local community group wanting to bring relevant business information to its members or even a corporation exploring ways to expand efforts for innovation and product development, we can help you. Contact us today [link to interest form]


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