In order to complete the student teaching semester, teacher candidates must provide the Office of Educator Certification with complete application materials. All materials are posted here for those who are academically ready to student teach. If you are not sure if you are academically ready, please contact your advisor and refer to the student teaching requirements outlined in the UNK Undergraduate Catalog.

Application Deadline is Tuesday, September 3, 2024.

Placement requests will be sent to schools on March 1 for fall student teaching and October 1 for spring student teaching. School preferences cannot be changed after those dates.

Steps to Apply


Student Teaching Application: Student Information


Student Teaching Application: Personal Data Form

Optional Step 4: Please fill out Special Request Form if you are asking to student teach:

  1. at a secondary school from which you graduated.
  2. with a cooperating teacher who has taught you as a student.
  3. in any school building where you have relatives in attendance, such as children or siblings.
  4. at any school building where a relative is currently employed.
  5. in any school district where a relative is a member of the School Board.
  6. out-of-state in a school system other than Alief ISD and Garden City.