Applying for Student Teaching

Fall 2022 Application Due February 1, 2022

In order to complete the student teaching semester, teacher candidates must provide the Office of Educator Certification with complete application materials. All materials are posted here for those who are academically ready to student teach. If you are not sure if you are academically ready, please contact your advisor and refer to the student teaching requirements outlined in the UNK Undergraduate Catalog.

Completed Application Materials Include the following:

  1. Student Teaching Application – Ask your advisor to check your degree audit before you apply to be sure you are academically ready to student teach.
  2. Personal Data Form - This will be sent to cooperating teachers and supervisors. Proofread carefully. (If you are teaching on a Transitional Teaching Permit, do not fill this out.)
  3. Background Check - The State of Nebraska requires two background checks. One at the beginning of your program and one at the end of your program. The cost is $27.82.
  4. OPTIONAL: Special Request Form - If a teacher candidate wants to student teach at a school that does not meet one of the Student Teaching Placement Rules and Regulations, the teacher candidate must additionally fill out the Special Request Form.

Contact Jane Blum, Director of Field Experiences,, 865-8416, with questions.