Belong to the Business & Technology Community!

The majority of your time will be spent outside the classroom! How you spend that time is important for positioning yourself for future success. We have dedicated the 2nd and 3rd floors of Centennial Towers West for business and technology students so that you can:

  • Easily interact with other students who share similar majors and interests
  • Take common courses and easily form study groups with other students you live with
  • Be in the know by learning where to be involved from your peers

Also, through CBT Community-specific activities offered throughout the semester, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your CliftonStrengths, network with upperclassmen and employers, join CBT clubs, and more.

“Get involved, get involved, and get involved. There are many great clubs and organizations on campus. By getting involved you will meet new people and will be able to expand and develop your network. You will also be put in situations that will challenge you, which will help prepare you for life after college.” - Mitchell Long, UNK CBT Graduate

Let us help you take your first step to get involved and join the Business & Technology Community.

Frequently Asked Questions