Bad Weather Policy Statement for Finals Week

Approved 1994

Boeckl (Lee) moved to accept the following Finals Week/Weather Policy. Motion passed.

In the event of an official weather-related cancellation of classes during Final Week, no University-wide make-up sessions will be scheduled. However, instructors, at their discretion, may implement any of a variety of options, including canceling scheduled activities and computing grades based on completed work, rescheduling the final week activities for a mutually-agreed-upon time on an individual basis, or any mutually-agreed activity that maintains the integrity of the course and then offers the students a reasonable opportunity to complete the activity.

In addition, in all cases of severe weather, it is always the student's decision whether it is safe enough to travel to classes. If a student decides to miss classes under these circumstances, the instructors should, in good faith, negotiate make-up assignments which do not penalize the affected students and maintain the integrity of the course.