Getting started with Dual Enrollment

Welcome to the University of Nebraska at Kearney's Dual Enrollment Program. 

The Dual Enrollment Program through UNK provides an opportunity for high school students to obtain college credit for approximately one-third of the cost of actual tuition and fees. Classes will be taught at the high school by a high school instructor approved by UNK. The credit earned is applied toward high school credit at your high school and college credit at UNK. The grades earned in Dual Enrollment courses may be the first college grades a student will receive. These grades become a permanent part of the student’s college academic record no matter what institution the student decides to attend after high school graduation.

There are a few steps to enroll for a Dual Enrollment course.

Students who are participating in the Dual Enrollment Program for the first time must apply for admission.  An admissions representative from UNK will visit your high school at the beginning of the semester to assist students with admission to UNK and with the registration process. Please check with the high school dual credit instructor or the high school counselor for the exact date and time the representative will be present.

In order to complete the admission process, students must bring the following items on the date the admissions representative is present:

  1. Social Security number. The social security card is not required.  However, students must know their social security number in order to apply for admission.

If a student has previously taken classes at UNK, the student will not apply for admission but must meet with the admission representative and request registration through the automated process. 

Apply for Admission Now


Once you submit your application for admission, you are eligible to request registration. The UNK admissions representative will assist you with this process. The student must submit a request for registration with parental consent.  The UNK Registrar's Office will enroll students in the college class(es). Please note: Dual Enrollment students may enroll for a maximum of 11 hours per semester and a total of 30 semester hours prior to completion of their high school requirements.

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Contact Information:
Phone: 308-865-8527