Digital Measures Data Entry

Here you will find basic information about entering data in Digital Measures.

1. Login to Digital Measures

  • To login to your Digital Measures account, simply click on the Digital Measures link in MyBlue. The link will be on either the “Staff” or “Faculty” tab, depending what access you have in MyBlue.

Login to Digital Measures under Campus Tools from the Staff Tab

2.Main Menu

  • Once you are in the system, the menu items at the top left of the screen (Manage Your Activities and Custom Reports) are the key items you will need to use the system. For basic data entry, click on Manage Your Activities.

Select Manage Your Activities

  • Using the Manage Your Activities tab, you should see the various categories under which entries are filed.

List of Categories in Activities Database Main Menu


  • Although you are more than welcome to enter any piece of information that can be contained in the system, the key elements that should be entered into the system relate to your activities related to scholarship, research and creative activity. Below is a suggested guide as to where many activities can be classified in Digital Measures:


 Faculty Activity

 Suggested Digital Measures Screen


 Awards and Honors

 Awards and Honors


 Professional development activities

 Faculty Development Activities Attended


 Thesis and dissertation committees

 Directed Student Learning (e.g., theses, dissertations)


 Honors student theses supervised

 Directed Student Learning (e.g., theses, dissertations)


 Independent studies supervised

 Directed Student Learning (e.g., theses, dissertations)


 Practica/internships supervised

 Directed Student Learning (e.g., theses, dissertations)


 New course(s) developed or significant redesign of course(s)

 Scheduled Teaching (There are selections in this screen to indicate if the course selected is new or redesigned and also text boxes to allow for further description)


 Creative Activity

 Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits



 Intellectual Contributions (e.g., journals, books)





 College and department committees

 Department and College


 Advising student groups






 Officer in professional organizations



 Community engagement activities


Screenshot of Categories