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We have upgraded to version 7.10.2 of Cascade Server. Download the full list of improvements below.
Cascade Server 7.10.2 New Features

Below is a video play list that includes all of the current features for the UNK website:

You can find a printable version of the training here: http://unkcms.unk.edu/training/_files/cascade_server_training.pdf

Cascade Server Publishing and Un-publishing Instructions
To publish a page or file select the page or file and then click the publish tab. On the publish screen you will see an option that allows you to choose between publish and un-publish. By default the publish option is selected. Once you have decided which option you want click the submit button. Please note that if you have created a new page and added it to the menu you will need to publish the entire folder to make the page or item appear in the menu for all pages in that folder. Same goes for un-publishing. If you un-publish an item that has been in the menu you will need to republish all other pages in that folder to make sure that the menu is updated for all of those pages.
Once items have been published you will need to be careful about moving or deleting them. If you decide to delete the file you will get a delete screen that has a check box for un-publishing the item. Please make sure to check this box. Same goes for moving or renaming an item. Please make sure to check the un-publish box when you are moving or renaming an item.
If you don’t check the un-publish box when deleting, the item will be removed from Cascade but will still reside on the web server. The only way to remove it after that is to have me find it on the live web server and remove it. If you move or rename something and don’t check the un-publish box you will end up with two items or pages with the same info in different locations on the live web server. Again the only way to fix this problem is for me to find the file on the live web server and delete it.

For more tips like these download the Cascade Server tips sheet. Also if you would like some general website best practices download the best practices tip sheet.