Academic Policies Handbook

Name Changes

The University of Nebraska must take reasonable steps to assure the name used by a student on educational records is the student's legal name. To change the name used on student records, a student must provide documentation in one of the following forms: 

  1. A copy of a social security card.
  2. Passport
  3. A certified copy of a court decree dissolving a marriage and restoring a maiden name or a certified copy of the court order directing a change of name.

The Office of Student Records and Registration uses the following procedures to process the name change requests.

  1. The student completes the Name Change Form.
  2. The student is asked to present certification in a manner cited above.
  3. The source of the official documentation is identified on the Name Change Form.
  4. The student's permanent record folder and computer records are changed.
  5. Individuals no longer enrolled who request a name change may present the itemized documentation cited above and their records will be so noted. Past entries will remain as posted on the permanent record.