Exit Loan Counseling

If you have borrowed student loans to help pay for your education and you either apply for graduation from UNK, withdraw from classes, or drop below half-time enrollment, you will be notified of opportunities to attend an Exit Loan Counseling session. The purpose of Exit Loan Counseling is to help you become well prepared and knowledgeable regarding the repayment of the student loans you have borrowed. Exit Loan Counseling at UNK may be completed in one of the following ways:

  1. On-campus Group Session: You may register to attend a scheduled on-campus group session led by a financial aid counselor. The session will consist of a presentation with time afterward to talk one-on-one with the counselor if you have questions. To schedule to attend a session, please fill out the registration form
  2. Online Session: You may complete the Exit Loan Counseling session online at https://studentloans.gov. Once you complete the online session, the UNK Office of Financial aid will be notified electronically.

Exit Loan Counseling is required for students graduating from UNK. If you will be graduating from UNK and have not yet completed the Exit Loan Counseling session, you will see a reminder on your “To Do List” on MyBLUE. Once you have completed a group counseling session or an online counseling session, the reminder will be removed from your “To Do List.”

Completing the Exit Loan Counseling session is not only required for graduation from UNK, but it is an important way to begin planning for the repayment of your student loans as you leave college and begin your career. Undergraduate students who graduate from UNK in the Spring of 2019 have, on average, $19,229 of Federal Student Loan debt. Payment for this average debt load will be approximately $221/month for 10 years. For graduate students, the average loan debt is $34,254 which would result in approximate payments of $394/month for 10 years. Completing the Exit Loan Counseling session will help you become knowledgeable about the resources you have available to you during repayment, and confident about your ability to manage your loans.