Facilities Management

Facilities Management & Planning

The Office of Facilities Management and Planning is responsible for a comprehensive facilities operation that furnishes facilities planning; architectural and engineering services; construction management; building operation and maintenance; alterations, repairs and rennovations; generation and distribution of utilities; grounds and landscape maintenance; energy management; custodial services; and code compliance. Additionally, this office is resonsible for the operation of the University Transportation Services fleet, Event Scheduling, and Central Stores function.

The Office of Facilities Management and Planning consists of several departments. A brief description of the functional responsibilities of each group can be found by visiting the web page for the respective section.

MISSION:  To plan and provide a physical and operational environment that supports the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s mission to be one of the nation’s premier undergraduate institutions.  

VISION:  As a team of skilled professionals, we seek to maintain, renovate and build sustainable high-quality living, learning and working environments through world-class resource management services and integrated collaborative partnering, delivering value-added service to our customers. 

VALUES:  We work to achieve organization excellence by abiding by the Business and Finance Code of Ethics, by treating each other with fairness, honesty, respect, by being accountable for what we do.  We work to achieve a workplace that is safe, reliable and efficient every day, in all we do. We will create and maintain a working environment for all employees conducive to good communications, skill enhancement, and professional development.

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