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Leadership UNK


Familiarize staff employees with leadership opportunities at UNK and opportunities in the Kearney area.


Leadership UNK is a program patterned after Leadership Kearney but with an emphasis on UNK and the university system. It was offered for the first time beginning fall 2007 while looking at ways to encourage campus leadership. The goal is to familiarize staff employees with leadership opportunities on campus and in the Kearney community and they will go on to accept leadership roles. It is hoped participants will have a greater awareness of leadership opportunities as well as a higher comfort level when interacting with those in administrative roles (Board of Regents, Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, etc.) Leadership UNK will not only enhance leadership skills but it can also increase the participant’s knowledge of the university system. The program gives participants the opportunity to network with the UNK community, classmates, speakers, and others to discuss issues pertinent to the campus.

Commitment & Sessions

Participants attend 9 half-day sessions (8am-12pm) and 1 full-day session to expose them to various aspects of leadership at UNK and the larger University system. Selected candidates are expected to fully engage in all Leadership UNK sessions.

Members of the class will have many opportunities to become educated on various issues, exchange ideas and enhance their leadership skills. During the year following graduation, participants will plan and serve as committee chair for their selected sessions fulfilling the 2-year commitment. In addition to monthly sessions, Leadership UNK members participate in 4 hours of service projects involving UNK programs/events occurring on campus.

Since Dee Ellingson and Linda Clark developed the program in 2007, graduates have come from offices across the UNK campus. Leadership UNK is administered, and class sessions are guided, by program alum who have been selected as members of the Board of Graduates. There is no cost to the participant.

• Campus & Community Networking
• Team Work & Delegation
• Personal Development
• Links of Communication
• Motivation and Attitude
• Diversity & Leadership

• Creating your Mission Statement
• Board of Regents Meeting
• Etiquette Luncheon
• Planning a Friday Afternoon Club Event
• Attending and promoting the Leadership UNK Summer Open House

Barring emergencies, attendance at all sessions is mandatory!


Leadership UNK Application
Leadership UNK Board of Graduates Position Descriptions

*Leadership UNK Board of Graduates positions are filled through a nomination process but any graduate interested in becoming a member of the board is encouraged to nominate themselves by notifying a member of the board.*

Class Pictures

October 2017 Board of Regents Class Photo

October 2017
Board of Regents Meeting

October 2017 Capitol Class Photo

October 2017
Tour of State Capitol

Board of Regents Meeting 2016

September 2016
Board of Regents Meeting

2016-2017 Leadership UNK Class

May 2017 Graduation
2016-2017 Leadership UNK Class

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Leadership UNK 2016-2017 Class Chairs

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