Student Research Day

UNK’s Student Research Day is an annual event held each spring for students in all disciplines to present their scholarly work. Students’ research accomplishments and the important role faculty play as mentors are both highlighted. Any UNK student engaged in collaborative or independent research is eligible and encouraged to participate, even if their work was not funded through UNK.

Presentations include poster sessions, oral presentations, musical performances, and art exhibitions. Poster and oral presentations are judged and awards are given at a reception at the end of the event. Student Research Day is March 28, 2018.

2018 Student Research Day Program

2016 Student Research Day Award Winners

Natural and Physical Sciences Poster Awards
1st Place:
Karissa Finke
Department: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Allen Thomas
Title: Substituted Amino Acids as LAT-1 Substrates For Use in Drug Delivery

2nd Place:
Becca Best
Department: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Kim Carlson
Title:  Pathogenicity of Nora virus in germ-free Drosophila melanogaster

3rd Place:
Jocelyn Dolphin, Primary Presenter
Matt Moore and April Maschmann, Co-Presenters
Department: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Kristy Kounovsky-Shafer
Title:  Development of 3D Printed Devices to Extract DNA Molecules

Behavioral and Social Sciences
1st Place:
Andrew Fields
Department: Political Science
Advisor: Dr. Satoshi Machida
Title:  The Effects of the Modern Indian Caste System on Christian Evangelism

2nd Place:
Shelby Study
Department: Psychology
Advisor: Dr.  Megan Strain
Title:  More than Purity: Exploring Feminine Honor as a Complex Construct

3rd Place:
Fletcher Sheridan
Department: Geography & Earth Science
Advisor: Dr.  Paul Burger
Title:  If You Build it Will They Come: Using a GIScience Gravity Model to Estimate Retirement Community Demand in Salt Lake City, Utah

Fine Arts & Humanities
1st Place:
So-Young Chun
Department: Music & Performing Arts
Advisor: Dr.  Sharon Campbell
Title:  Cinderella: The Madang Nori

2nd Place:
Amanda Slater
Department: English
Advisor: Dr. Marguerite A. Tassi
Title: Love, Otto Frank: Understanding a Father’s Editorial Judgments

Professional & Applied Studies
1st Place:
Alexa Kasl
Department: Kinesiology & Sports Sciences
Advisor: Dr.  Kazuma Akehi
Title:  Thigh muscular architecture changes during season-long college soccer participation

2nd Place:
Meghan Rockefeller
Department: Family Studies & Interior Design
Advisor: Dr.  Mickey Langlais
Title:  How SnapChat Behaviors Influence Relational Conflict

3rd Place:
Brian Szekely
Department: Kinesiology & Sports Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Gregory Brown
Title:  The Effects of Creatine, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Caffeine on Blood Lactate Concentrations During a Wingate Bicycle Test

Graduate Research Posters
1st Place:
Marissa Bongers
Department: Kinesiology & Sports Sciences
Advisor: Gregory Brown
Title: Dietary Habits and Nutrition Knowledge in Female Collegiate Distance Runners

2nd Place:
Tabitha Rasmussen
Department: Counseling & School Psychology
Advisor: Carmelo Callueng
Title: Family Involvement, Life Satisfaction, and Academic Achievement of Children

3rd Place:
Haley Strobel
Department: Counseling & School Psychology
Advisor: Tammi Ohmstede
Title: Using High-Stakes Assessment to Evaluate System-Wide Improvement Plan of A Rural Midwestern School District

Undergraduate Oral Presentation
1st Place:
Anna Wagemann
Department: English
Advisor: Dr.  Michelle Beissel Heath
Title:  The Monstrous, The Mysterious, and The Mystic: Reanimating Childhood Classics through The Feared City

2nd Place: 
Anthony Donovan
Department: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Annette Moser
Title:  Measuring Binding Interactions Between HSA And Deisopropylatrazine Using High Performance Affinity Chromatography

Graduate Oral Presentation
1st Place:
Kaley Hodgen
Department: Management
Advisor: Dr. Srivatsa Seshadri
Title:  Organizational Audit: Honors Program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney