Backstage Pass & Student Matinees

The Backstage Pass & Student Matinee program at UNK is designed to offer Nebraska high school students and their instructors an opportunity to combine the experience of live theatre with the benefits of theatre education.  Through this experience, we hope to inspire a greater appreciation for the Theatre Arts.

Every Backstage Pass and Student Matinee event consists of a performance of the current UNK Theatre production, immediately followed by a brief Q&A session with the cast, crew, director, and designers.  The Q&A session is an informal opportunity for students (and instructors) to ask any questions that come to mind regarding the production they have just seen, the UNK Theatre program, or Theatre in general.

Admission to each Backstage Pass performance is FREE to all students and instructors/chaperones.  Admission to Student Matinee performances is typically $5.00 per student and free for chaperones.  Detailed information about each individual event will be mailed or e-mailed to Nebraska high schools (drama instructors) prior to each event.  RSVP's are requested for school groups as well as individual students attending on their own.

2018-2019 Backstage Pass & Student Matinee Events:

Performance Title

Show times and information

Orphan Train  

No Backstage Pass Event
Middle School Matinee:  Oct. 4 & 5 - 9:30am



No Backstage Pass Event
High School Matinee: Nov. 15 - 10:00am


The Ghost Sonata  

No Backstage Pass Event
No Student Matinee Event



No Backstage Pass Event
No Student Matinee Event

For further information about the Backstage Pass/Student Matinee program, or to be included on the mailing list, please contact Susan Deiger.