Ngan Chau, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Office: WSTC 412C   |    Phone: (308) 865-8350   |    Email:

Ngan Chau


PhD, University of Central Florida, 2012.
Major: Business Administration
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Marketing
Dissertation Title: Three essays on the marketing strategies of a durable goods manufacturer.

BS, Vietnam National University, 2005.
Major: Information Technology

BBA, Posts & Telecommunications Institute of Technology, 2004.
Major: Business Administration

Professional Positions


Market Developer, DOSCO. (2004 - 2007).

Professional Memberships

Marketing Science Institute (MSI). (2012 - Present).
American Marketing Association (AMA). (2011 - Present).
The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). (2011 - Present).
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). (2013 - 2014).

Development Activities Attended

Business Visit, "SCM Bus Tour to Grand Island and Kearney," Kearney, NE. (April 15, 2016).
Seminar, "Spring Research Seminar," Faculty Development Committee, Kearney, NE. (April 8, 2016).
Workshop, "Selection and Implementation of Top Tech Tools for Online Courses," eCampus, Kearney, NE. (March 3, 2016).
Workshop, Case Study Workshop," Faculty Development Committee, Kearney, NE. (November 9, 2015).
Business Visit, "SCM Bus Tour To Lincoln," Lincoln, NE. (October 1, 2015).
Seminar, "Technology Initiative, "Faculty Development Committee, Kearney, NE. (September 28, 2015).
Workshop, "EAB Advising Platform Training," UNK, Kearney, NE. (September 23, 2015).
Workshop, "Echo360 Active Learning Platform," Echo360 and UNK, Kearney, NE. (August 18, 2015).
Workshop, "MK Muller 8 to Great," Leadership UNK, Kearney, NE. (July 14, 2015).
Continuing Education Program, "Essential Practice Skills for Analytics Professionals," INFORMS, Chicago, Illinois. (June 23, 2015 - June 24, 2015).
Business Visit, "Werner Enterprises in Omaha." (April 16, 2015).
Workshop, "Do You Want to Play a Game?" eCampus, Kearney, NE. (April 9, 2015).
Workshop, "Does Class Size Affect Student Performance?" eCampus, Kearney, NE. (April 9, 2015).
Workshop, "Groups Community Crowdsourcing, and Collaboration," eCampus, Kearney, NE (April 9, 2015).
Workshop, "Neuroscience + Learning Research + Education Technology = Education 3.0," eCampus, Kearney, NE. (April 9, 2015).
Workshop, "Teach an Instructor to Digitally Fish and Feed Students for Life," eCampus, Kearney, NE. (April 9, 2015).
Seminar, "Spring Research Seminar," Faculty Development Committee, Kearney, NE. (March 11, 2015).
Information Session, "Student Success Collaborative," UNK, Kearney, NE. (December 1, 2014).
Seminar, "Fall Research Seminar," Faculty Development Committee, Kearney, NE. (November 14, 2014).
Workshop, "Can Your Students Communicate What they Know?" with Jill Schiefelbein, eCampus, Kearney, NE. (October 1, 2014).
Workshop, "CBT Portfolio Workshop," Faculty Affairs Committee, Kearney, NE. (September 30, 2014).
Workshop, "Online Education: A Day with the Impromptu Guru - Jill Schiefelbein." eCampus, Kearney, NE. (April 24, 2014).
Seminar, "Spring Research Seminar," Faculty Development Committee, Kearney, NE. (April 15, 2014).
Conference Attendance, "A Teaching/Learning Conference," CTE, Kearney, NE. (April 14, 2014).
Workshop, "Curriculum Differentiation," CTE, Kearney, NE. (November 15, 2013).
Conference Attendance, "CSCMP's Annual Global Conference," CSCMP, Denver, CO. (October 20, 2013 - October 23, 2013).
Conference Attendance, "The 2013 Distribution Solutions Conference," IFDA, Orlando, FL. (October 14, 2013 - October 16, 2013).
Workshop, "Advanced Collaborate," eCampus. (October 10, 2013).
Workshop, "MyBlue/Degree Audit Training." (October 8, 2013).
Workshop, "Collaborate," eCampus. (September 26, 2013).
Workshop, "CBT Portfolio Workshop," CBT. (September 25, 2013).
Workshop, "Faculty Online Training Workshop," eCampus. (May 8, 2013 - June 12, 2013).
Workshop, "Critical Thinking," UNK. (May 16, 2013 - May 17, 2013).
Business Meeting, "Unipro Foodservice Visit." (April 29, 2013).
Workshop, "Organizing Online Courses for Mobile Users," eCampus. (April 17, 2013).
Business Meeting, "SCMO Trip To Cash-Wa Distribution Center." (April 10, 2013).
Workshop, "VoiceThread," eCampus. (April 4, 2013).
Workshop, "MyBlue/Degree Audit Training." (March 13, 2013).
Conference Attendance, "Curriculum Differentiation," UNK Center for Teaching Excellence and University of Nebraska Kelly Grant Funding. (February 27, 2013).
Business Meeting, "Cash-Wa Visit," Kearney, Nebraska. (December 6, 2012).
Conference Attendance, Faculty Development Committee Cultural Competency Roundtable Discussion, Kearney, Nebraska. (November 30, 2012).
Other Professional Development, CBT On The Road, Omaha, Nebraska. (November 1, 2012).
Seminar, Developmental Advising, Kearney, Nebraska. (October 2, 2012).
Seminar, Gallup Strength Finder Workshop, Kearney, Nebraska. (August 2012).


University of Nebraska at Kearney

MKT 300, Prin of Marketing, 14 courses.
MKT 303, Prin of Supply Chain Mgt, 1 course.
MKT 430, Intl Marketing, 5 courses.
MKT 430H, Intl Marketing, 1 course.
MKT 830P, Intl Marketing, 4 courses.
SCM 317, Prin of Supply Chain Mgt, 2 courses.
SCM 317H, Prin of Supply Chain Mgt., 1 course.
SCM 403, Logistics & Transportation, 2 courses.


Published Intellectual Contributions

Book Chapters

Chau, N. N., Desiraju, R. (in press). Social Media Practices among Small B2B Enterprises. Small Business Institute Journal, 11(1), 37-48.

Refereed Journal Articles

Broekemier, G. M., Chau, N. N., Seshadri, S. (2015). Social Media Practices among Small B2B Enterprises (1st ed., vol. 11, pp. 37-48). Greenville, NC. Small Business Institute

Chau, N. N., Schulz, S. A. (2014). Selling Versus Leasing of Durable Goods: The Impact on Marketing Channels. Journal Of Marketing Channels.

Presentations Given

Chau, N. N. (Author & Presenter), Desiraju, R. (Author), Chintagunta, P. (Author). Marketing Science Conference 2014, "Optimal Supply Chain Structure: Impact of Durability," INFORMS, Emory University, Atlanta. (June 14, 2014).
Chau, N. N. (Presenter). "Leasing vs Selling in a Duopoly with Intermediaries," Mountain Plains Management Association Annual Conference, Kearney, Nebraska. (2012).

Awards and Honors

John Becker Faculty Research Incentive Fund. (2013).
Oklahoma State University. (2011).
Columbia-Duke-UCLA Workshop on Quantitative Marketing. (2010).

Intellectual Contributions in Submission

Refereed Journal Articles

Benson, G. E., Chau, N. N. "Female Student Choice: The Selection of an SCM Major". Women in Leadership Journal.
Chau, N. N., Desiraju, R. Product Strategies under Sequential Innovation: Impact of the Rate of Innovation and Compatibility. Production and Operations Management.


Department Service

Committee Member, Search Committee, SCM Position - Job #2014-00914. (December 2014 - Present).
Committee Member, Jon Nelson MKT/MIS/SCM Scholarship. (April 2014 - Present).
Committee Member, Marketing Curriculum Committee. (2012 - Present).

College Service

Committee Member, MBA Committee. (August 2015 - Present).
Committee Member, CBT Student Affairs Committee. (2012 - Present).

University Service

Academic Visits (2013 - Present).
Committee Member, Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee. (2013 - Present).
Invited presenter, Presentation on Cultural Differences. (May 11, 2016).
New Student Recruiting. (November 1, 2014).
Faculty Panel - Best Practices with eCampus Tools. (March 13, 2014).


Professional Service

Reviewer, Journal Article, Journal of International & Interdisciplinary Business Research. (September 2015 - Present).
Reviewer, Journal Article, Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics. (March 2014 - Present).
Session Chair, Marketing Science Conference. (2014).
Reviewer, Journal Article, Production and Operations Management. (2014).