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Current Grad Students

The following checklist is created to help degree seeking students to progress through their program smoothly, although non-degree students may also benefit from some of the links presented here.

Degree Audit

Your official Program of Study/Degree Audit is interactive with your UNK registration, so as you register and complete courses, your degree audit will show your progress.  To view your electronic Degree Audit, log into your MyBlue account and click on the degree audit link listed in the left hand menu under the “Academics” section. 


Students are not required to register continuously at UNK, but at the time of graduation, no course can be older than 10 years.  The first day of a student’s first class begins the 10 year clock.  Example:  First day of first class is August 20, 2004, so this class can be used as long as the student graduates BEFORE August 20th, 2014.  If a student has a lapse in enrollment longer than 2 years, the student is withdrawn from the program.  To continue in the program they must reapply and be reaccepted.  Readmission will be to the new catalog year, so program requirements may have changed.

Transfer Credit

Up to 9 hours of transfer credit from an accredited institution may be accepted onto a program of study.  All courses must be submitted to and approved by your advisor, the department, and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.  Additional transfer hours may be accepted from other University of Nebraska campuses up to a total of 1/2 of the program.  Approval should be sought before the course is completed and the change is requested by using a Change in Program of Study Form. 

Making Changes to your Degree Audit/Program of Study

Monitoring your program of study regularly will keep you abreast of changes that may need to be made.  If the department has accepted transfer credit or if you are making a course substitution, you must complete and submit a Change in Program of Study Form to your advisor. 

Application for Candidacy

Students need to apply for candidacy after they have successfully completed 12 hours of graduate study and prior to registration for the last 12 hours required for graduation.  For students who are ‘conditionally’ admitted, the condition stated in the admission letter must also be met prior to applying for candidacy.  A student may be refused admission to candidacy if previous college record, performance on qualifying criteria, or quality of graduate work indicates inability to satisfactorily pursue graduate study. Check with your advisor about completing the Candidacy Form

Grade Point Average

All graduate students must maintain an overall GPA of “B” (3.0) in their graduate coursework taken as part of their program of study to be in good academic standing. 

A Comprehensive Exam, Project, Thesis, Scholarly Study or Field Study

All degree seeking students are required to complete an exit project/exam as developed and administered by the department.  Contact your academic advisor for more information. 

Filing for Graduation

In their final semester, students need to apply for graduation by logging into their MyBlue account.  Application dates are Fall— Sept 15;   Spring—Febr 1;    Summer — June 15.  An informational sheet will be sent to students who have applied for graduation explaining how to obtain their cap and gown to participate in the ceremony, if they so choose. Feel free to look over commencement ceremony information as well.