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CSIT Drone project

Mobile apps and gaming are taught in many of our courses. Students create independent projects tailored to their own interests. Students learn all of the necessary skills for software development (software analysis & design, project management, algorithmic design, database design, graphics programming, team work, computer security, quality assurance) in a fun, exciting, & personalized way!

Each semester, CSIT students present their projects to the public, CSIT alumni and business partners. CSIT students also present professionally at local, regional, and national conferences. Below are a list of sample projects.

CSIT Student Presentation CSIT Student Presentation

CSIT Spring 2017 Student Projects

CSIT Fall 2016 Senior Seminar Projects

  • Asymmetric VR Maze Chase Game for HTC Vive. A thrilling chase through a maze between a VR player and multiple non-VR players. Created with Unity game development engine.
  • Wearable keyboard. Allows users to dynamically type to any device wirelessly by tapping fingers; switch to mouse mode as needed. Includes a companion smartphone application for customization.
  • 3D Printed “Smart” LockBox controlled by a secure app. Web service allows for management of multiple boxes.
  • Odd Journey Home. 2D side-scrolling platformer game, developed using the GDevelop game engine. Uses HTML 5 and Java.
  • Email Phishing. A research project to test phishing attack success rates. Developed phishing tools to create legitimate-looking emails using Python and YAML.
  • NASA Robotic Mining Competition Design. Robot will be tasked with mining and returning 10kg of material to a collection bin. Design focuses on minimizing weight, power usage, and dust contamination. Competition in May, 2017 at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Temporal Stock Market Data Analysis Tool. Parses historical price actions for over 900 stocks. Sorts stocks by the ascending triangle pattern and distance from last closing price to nearest trend line.  Integrates with thinkorSwim trading app to produce a watch list.
  • UNK Traditions App. Enables students to learn about and record the completion of UNK traditions. For UNK Alumni Association.
  • Kearney High sports website. Includes rosters, schedules, records, coaches, featured news, a hall of fame page, and a facilities page.
  • Load balancing library implemented in a chat bot. Balances arbitrary work across multiple computers or processors. A web-based display shows load balancers’ status and the statuses of nodes under each load balancer.
  • Google Cloud Platform web app. For making agenda and minutes and sending emails for the UNK International Student Serves Council.
  • Active directory domain using Windows Server 2012. Virtual machines with users; group policies; distinct organizational units; and security group configurations.
  • Chef Configuration Management. Chef is "infrastructure as (Ruby) code" with recipes (scripts) and cookbooks (collections of recipes). Automates software installation and configuration for Linux and
  • Kali Linux security experiment. Uses a PFsense router, Windows server and clients, and built-in Kali tools to vulnerability scan and exploit machines. Uses Aircrack-ng suite to attempt to crack WEP encryption.

CSIT Student projects that you can try

While the goal of the individualized CSIT class projects are not develop fully deployed systems, some student projects are available for public use.

CSIT Spring & Summer 2016 Projects

CSIT Fall 2015 Senior Seminar Projects

  • Web-based Lab Asset Manager. The project used PHP, Javascript with JQuery and JTable plugins, HTML5, and CSS3 on a LAMP server.
  • VR 3D Punch-Out-like game. Built using Unity with Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift.
  • Twitter Search App. A web app that uses the twitter streaming API to search for live tweets using keywords. 
  • Efficient Mac software update system. A software update system for Mac computers in a corporate environment, that allows end users to install updates without needing admin rights on the computer. 
  • Linux security experiment. Uses a Kali Linux machine to do penetration testing to test the effectiveness of using a Linux server as a firewall/router.
  • Task Manager application. This project uses a Windows Sharepoint server with an Access database to manage tasks.
  • Automated Testing Suite for Business Guest Connections. This project creates an automated testing suite for an internal Guest Connect app.

CSIT Fall 2015 Graphics Projects

  • 3D PacMan, playable on any device. Simple iOS Game, created with Swift and the SpriteKit.
  • 2D space shooting web-based Game, based in HTML5 using the Construct 2 game engine.
  • Virtual Realistic Forest Model, constructed and modeled in Blender.
  • Top Scrolling Shooter Game, created with Unreal Engine 4.
  • 3D Explorable World, created with Unity.
  • Virtual Reality Motorcycle Racing Game, playable on the Oculus Rift, created with Unity. This project recently won the Central Nebraska Business idea contest.

Undergraduate Research Fellows & Summer Student Research Participants

Faculty members are always actively looking for students to participate in the Undergraduate Research Fellow program(with pay), as well as the Summer Student Research Program (also with pay). Check out the undergraduate research opportunities available at UNK.

CSIT Spring 2015 AI Projects

Recent CSIT Software Engineering Projects

Recent CSIT Student Professional Presentations


  • Jones, W. (2015). Controlling LED Displays Through an Arduino Micro Controller. National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), April 2015, Dr. Hastings.


  • McConville, T. (2014). Jeb: Java Enabled Butler. ;Oral presentation at (NCUR) 2014, Lexington, KY and UNK Student Research Day (SRD), April 2014. Dr. Harms.
  • Knight, S. (2014). Overall Competence in Case Based Reasoning, Poster presentation at NCUR 2014, Lexington, KY and UNK Fall Student Research Symposium, September 2013. Dr. Hastings.
  • Norman, Brian. (2014). An Application of the Rate of Adoption Theory Relevant to Personal Health Record Adoption, UNK SRD and NCUR.
  • Russell, Daniel. (2014). Utilizing computer vision to Control the Spread of Horn Flies, 2014 NCUR.
  • Versaw, B. (2014). Brain Computer Interfaces, UNK SRD 2014, April 2014, Dr. Hastings

Older Projects

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