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Join the College of Business and Technology Internship Program

STEP 1: Declare intention to enroll in an internship course in a future semester.
Complete Intent to Intern Form
Deadline: Fall Semester Internship - August 1
                Spring semester internship - November 1
                Summer semester internship - March 1   

STEP 2: Look for an internship.
Review requirements for your major.

STEP 3: Approval of Internship.
Company completes Overview of Internship Template 
Student completes Position Approval Form and attaches overview from company
Deadline: Fall Semester Internship - August 15
                Spring semester internship - December 1
                Summer semester internship - April 1       

STEP 4: Submit Internship Agreement
Student and company agree to UNK internship policies by signing Internship Agreement
Deadline: Due prior to Internship Expectations Training

STEP 5: Attend Internship Expectations Training
Course requirements and procedures will be discussed.
Dates TBD.

STEP 6: Enroll in the internship course.
Permit issued once above steps are completed.

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