Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are designed to respond to focused professional development demands.  They are especially useful in addressing the skills and knowledge working adults need to advance in their professional careers with a high degree of flexibility.

Certificate programs are classified as non-degree and therefore federal financial aid is NOT available for students in these programs.  Individuals must qualify for admission as non-degree students.

Each certificate program has a designated director who is responsible for administering the program and for providing students with materials that clearly describe the program’s requirements, policies, and procedures.  Ultimately, the program director determines when the student has met all requirements and awards the certificate.

Students in certificate programs are eligible for UNK student ID cards and can access campus services available to degree-seeking students, such as the library and the MyBLUE student portal.

Certificate Program Information for Students

Undergraduate Certificates

Advanced Occupational Safety Professional

Occupational Safety Professional

For detailed information, contact Dr. Tim Obermier: Email: obermiert@unk.edu Phone: (308) 865-8743

Professional Sales

For detailed information, contact Marsha Yeagley: Email: yeagleym@unk.edu Phone: (308) 865-8345

Supply Chain Management

For detailed information, contact Dr. Greg Benson: Email: bensonge@unk.edu Phone: (308) 865-8022

Early Childhood Family Advocate

For detailed information, contact Dr. Toni Hill: Email: hilltl@unk.edu Phone: (308) 865-8232

Software Quality Assurance

For detailed information, contact Dr. Vijay Agrawal: Email: agrawalvk@unk.edu Phone: (308) 865-1548

Graduate Certificates

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

For detailed information, contact Christine Chasek: Email: chasekc1@unk.edu Phone: (308) 865-8361

Certificate Program Information for Faculty

Approved Certificate Programs

Name of Certificate Level Program Coordinator Effective Date
Advanced Occupational Safety Professional Undergraduate Tim Obermier Fall 2016
Professional Sales Undergraduate Marsha Yeagley Fall 2016
Supply Chain Management Undergraduate Greg Benson Fall 2016
Early Childhood Family Advocate Undergraduate Toni Hill Fall 2016
Occupational Safety Professional Undergraduate Tim Obermier Fall 2016
Software Quality Assurance Undergraduate Vijay Agrawal Fall 2016
Alcohol and Drug Counseling Graduate Christine Chasek Fall 2016

For more information, please visit the Academic Affairs Committee page.

Please use the Certificate Clearance Form to verify certificate completion.