Louie the Loper was disappointed when he heard the Summer 2020 Olympics were being postponed.  Then he got an idea - he could train to be an Olympic athlete himself!  He has a lot to learn before he can join the United States’ Summer 2021 team, though.  This week you will help Louie learn about different Olympic events, how being healthy includes both physical and mental wellness, and how to challenge yourself.  All of these activities will leave you FEELING FIT!

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness happens in a variety of ways. Dance. Yoga. Sports.  The important thing is that you just move and exercise your body.  Try out some of these ways to keep your muscles working while also having fun!

Mental Fitness

Your mental fitness is just as important as exercising physically.  Try out a few of these different activities to keep your brain strong and clear.  Put your sports psychology skills to the test with more Minute to Win It challenges.  Work on your growth mindset as you listen to Famous Failures.  Or work on your concentration as you try to master the pots and ping pong ball trick shot.

Other Ways to Stay Fit

Combine your mental and physical fitness with a water or sidewalk chalk obstacle course.  Try out some healthy (and delicious) recipes to successfully fuel your body.  Doing a few things for yourself and your body each day will help you feel fit.

Additional Information

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