We are student obsessed.

Always with our students in mind, our goal is to support faculty and staff to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships that lead to student success at UNK. To do that, we focus on student expectations:

"Know me."

Through responsible, secure data collection and management, we stitch together a more holistic view of our current students and student prospects.

"Respect me."

We are leveraging our data to build more relevant, personalized experiences for our students; respecting their time, needs and interests.

"Help me."

UNK student support teams, faculty, and staff are elevated by our tech, direct channels and actionable insights and connect in-person, by phone, SMS, email or through direct mail.

To support our goal, we've partnered with faculty and staff campus-wide to create and provide a clearer view of their students, a trusted connection across student success team members ready to help, and simpler solutions for communication.

Are you looking for a student-centric strategic partner for either student recruiting or retention? Contact us.

Our Team

Lydia Pierson

Lydia Pierson

Director, Enrollment Strategy and Insights

(308) 865-8455

Amanda Andresen

Amanda Andresen

Student Success Systems Coordinator

(308) 865-8131

Susan Kuta

Susan Kuta

CRM System Specialist

(308) 865-8402