Getting Admitted to College Park Courses

Students wanting to take classes at UNK College Park must apply for admission to UNK. To complete the admission process, students should have the following at the time of their online application:

  • $45.00 application fee. This is a non-refundable fee. This is a one-time fee if the student decides to attend UNK within a two-year time frame.
    • If a student qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch or ACT fee waivers or is a military connected student, the $45 application fee is waived.
  • Social Security number. The social security card is not required, but students are encouraged to know their social security number when they apply.
  • Visit and select Undergraduate
    • Undergraduate Application Options:
      • Undergraduate Degree Seeking – for students who have graduated from high school or earned GED and want the credit hours to count toward a bachelor’s degree
      • Returning UNK Student – students who are already or previously admitted to UNK (within last two years)
      • Post-bachelors – students who already earned a bachelor’s degree
      • Dual Enrollment/Early Entry – for students who will not be graduated from high school when the course is taken
      • Non-degree Seeking – students who plan to take just one to five classes
  • Complete the application for admission and pay the application fee.
  • After a student is admitted they will receive an NU ID number and access to an online “MyBlue” portal where they register for classes.

Logging In To MyBLUE

Follow this link to access the MyBlue homepage:

  • Use your 8 digit NUID# and your TrueYou password to log in.
    Having issues logging in? Contact the UNK Help Desk at 308-865-8363 or email

MyBLUE Overview

Enrolling in classes

Class Search / Add / Drop - all changes to your course schedule happen here.

In the left hand menu select enrollment and use the “quick search” feature within the Shopping Cart section by typing the abbreviation of the desired subject (ex: Speech=SPCH, History=HIST) and specific course number (ex: SPCH 100, HIST 251).

To view more details about the course(s) use the “Search for Classes” found in the left-hand menu. This will allow you to filter your search by location, meeting days and times, and mode of instruction. You can select “College Park” as the location to narrow down the courses offered in that location.