UNK New Music Series - Christopher Clarino

September 21, 2023
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM
Arts and Sciences Campus Events Music
Fine Arts Recital Hall

Percussionist and performance artist Christopher Clarino ( https://www.christopherclarino.com/ ) will be giving the U.S. premiere performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen's INORI, a piece written in 1974. Stockhausen was an extremely important composer of the 20th and 21st centuries. Dozens of books have been written about him and his music, countless articles, and he was even one of the folks on the cover of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper.

INORI is a piece for one or two performers with orchestra or stereo playback - Christopher will be doing the solo with playback version. INORI is the Japanese word for prayer, and the performer executes a series of prayer gestures, much like a dancer, along with the electronic music and lighting scheme.

The performance is at 7:30 pm, with a presentation by Christopher earlier in the day at 12:30 pm.

Anthony Donofrio