Poker Walk Rules


  1. Individual registration only.
  2. The Poker Walk consists of 8 Poker Stations. Each participant begins at the Registration Table where they check-in; get a tally card, bottled water and map of the station locations
  3. Each participant can visit each station only once to create a 5-card Poker Hand.
  4. At the first 5 visited Stations, each participant will be dealt 1 card to create a 5-card poker hand. The card must be signed or initialed with provided marker before leaving the table. Have your tally card marked by a Station worker, who will place a check mark or put a line through the station number to indicate that station was visited.
  5. At the next 3 Stations, participants are given the opportunity to improve their Poker Hand. One card must be discarded and the participant receives a new card in exchange for the card that was already in their Poker Hand.
  6. Once participants complete their Poker Hand, they must take their cards to the Judges Station located in the registration/starting area. Poker Hands will be reviewed for prizes.
  7. Prizes will be given for the Five Best Poker Hands and one Worst Poker Hand. Participants (excluding poker hand prizewinners) can earn the chance to win the all stations top prize and 5 cup gift bag drawings by visiting each of the 8 stations and getting their card marked. The completed tally card must be turned into the Judges Station in order to be entered into the drawing.
    NOTE: It is NOT a requirement to discard one card and be dealt a new card at all 3 stations if you feel your hand is a winning one already, just get the tally card marked only.
  8. Walk-ons are eligible for all prizes except the random drawings, ONLY participants who registered on-line are able to win these prizes.
  9. In case of a tie, players will each cut a deck of cards, high card wins.

Additional Notes:

  • No prior knowledge of Poker is needed to participate. Neither skill nor speed is a factor; the winning objective is to have the best poker hand! People of all ability levels are encouraged to join in, get some exercise, and try their hand at a friendly game of poker. This includes UNK faculty/staff and their immediate family members, as well as UNK students (and dogs on a leash).
  • The event will run from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Winners will be contacted by a member of the Poker Walk planning committee following the conclusion of the event if they did not already pick up their prize from the Prize Table near the Judges Table.
  • At the end of the walk, turn in your cards at the Judges Station by 12:30 pm for review..
  • Turn in your tally card at the Judges Station if you visited all 8 stations and want to be entered in the “all station” drawing.


Registration -- Foster Field (South End Zone) (START)

Judges & Prize Stations -- Foster Field (South End Zone) (FINISH)

  1. Nebraskan Student Union
  2. Fountain
  3. Nester Hall Arch
  4. Bell Tower
  5. South-side of Health and Sports Center
  6. West Center Sculpture (South side)
  7. Frank House, East side of house
  8. Entrance to Wellness Center

(Stations subject to changes. Current maps will be at the start and at each station.)