Students Succeed at UNK

  • 98.96%Job and graduate school placement rate of ID students
  • 67.09%Percentage of ID students who receive full time job offers from their internship employers
  • $55K+Starting salary of more than 57% of program graduates (figure does not include commission income)

Internal Survey Data. Download full placement data set

Mean Grade Point Averages

Program Mission

To prepare students for technical sales positions and future leadership roles in manufacturing and distribution.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the ID program will be able to

  • Select, define, and properly use Industrial Distribution terminology.
  • Demonstrate appropriate business etiquette and professionalism that is congruent with current industry standards. 
  • Propose, demonstrate, and defend sales, management, and leadership practices that are effective in Industrial Distribution.
  • Interpret and apply the appropriate financial reporting metrics and operational practices commonly used in Industrial Distribution.
  • Create, propose, and defend solutions to technical problems found in industry.
  • Apply and practice professional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Apply proper industrial safety policies and procedures.

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