For Better or Worse: Crossing the Line

Many issues that shape the quality of our lives have an international dimension. Global economic interdependence is now a reality that no nation can ignore. The development of appropriate environmental strategies, the resolution of regional conflicts and the enhancement of human rights all require a global perspective.
The World Affairs program includes:

  • The introduction of important global issues to the students and local community
  • Exposure to a variety of viewpoints from other countries
  • Promotion of global awareness

“Crossing the Line” Art Exhibit

image of an artwork. a white silhouette bending over and touching waves under a starry night sky  artwork. a stylized face over branches under a night sky

Crossing the Line Exhibition is organized under the aegis of the UNK’s World Affairs Conference 2022. It showcases the work of the artists displaced by the turbulent historical events, including the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The exhibition features the work of 6 immigrant artists currently residing in the USA, prints from the group of students and professors from the Wroclaw Art Academy in Poland, and photographs created by the Mykolaiv Young Photographer’s group (MYPH) from Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of lectures/presentations explaining the themes and techniques used in the show.

The Exhibit will be in the Walker Art Gallery from November 10th-December 15th—Open 8-4:30 daily

Guided tours will be available during the World Affairs conference on Monday November 14th 10:30-11:30 AM and 1:00-2:30 PM