Speech-Language Pathology Coursework

Degree: No degree is granted
Courses: A series of 12 courses in Speech-Language Pathology
Course Level: Undergraduate 
Credit Hours:
  34 credit hours 
Delivery Format:

The online Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) coursework is designed to allow rural and non-traditional students the opportunity to complete prerequisite undergraduate deficiencies necessary to pursue a graduate degree in Communication Disorders. Specifically, the series of courses are intended for students from another discipline to prepare for entry into a master's degree program in Speech-Language Pathology or a doctoral degree program in Audiology. There is no degree associated with the SLP program but rather a series of 12 courses totaling 34 credit hours. To begin, students should have completed all General Studies requirements or hold an undergraduate degree in a major other than Communication Disorders. For eventual SLP certification, a student must complete a master's degree and coursework addressing foundational knowledge outside the discipline of communication sciences and disorders that is generally obtained during undergraduate education, including coursework in the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Social/Behavioral Sciences

Course Rotation


CDIS 210 - Survey of Communication Disorders (3 credit hours) 

CDIS 252 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (3 credit hours) 

CDIS 261 - Normal Language Development (3 credit hours)

CDIS 311 - Clinical Methods and Procedures in Communication Disorders (3 credits)
Prerequisites: CDIS 210, and either CDIS 354 or CDIS 362

CDIS 312 - Field Experience in Communication Disorders (1 credit)
Prerequisites: CDIS 210, take concurrently with CDIS 311


CDIS 210 - Survey of Communication Disorders (3 credit hours)

CDIS 215 - Introduction to Phonetics (3 credit hours)

CDIS 252 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (3 credit hours)

CDIS 354 - Preschool Language Disorders (3 credit hours)
Prerequisites: CDIS 261 or contact the department chair for permission to enroll

CDIS 410 - Introduction to Audiology (3 credit hours)

CDIS 420 - Research Methods (3 credit hours)


CDIS 210 - Survey of Communication Disorders (3 credit hours)

CDIS 335 - Speech and Hearing Science (3 credits)
Prerequisites: CDIS 210, CDIS 252

CDIS 362 - Articulation Disorders (3 credits)
Prerequisites: CDIS 215  and CDIS 261

CDIS 415 - Aural Rehabilitation (3 credit hours)

* Courses subject to change.

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