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2013 Business Idea Contest Winners

2012 Business Idea Contest Announced

2012 Business Idea Contest Winners

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Business Plan Finalists Announced

Business Plan Winners

2011 Lemonade Stand

UNK Student Entrepreneurs open grocery store in Cody

Minden Sees Results of Survey

UNK Business College earns award for helping entrepreneurs

Rural Grocery Store Owner Needs & Best Practices Study from Central Nebraska

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Rural Gains in High-Tech Jobs-Xpanxion

UNK Focus-Director Shawn Kaskie

Border Buster

Global Immersion

What does an Entrepreneur Support System Look Like?

The Best Places for Doing Business in America

The Next Economy

The Tenth Districts Defining Industries: How are they Changing?

Papers of the Nebraska Economics and Business Association

International Business

Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global

Center for Rural Affairs

Border Buster

The Global Small Business Blog - The Definitive Blog for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses interested in going global, (for complete story, read here)

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Global Immersion by Tricia Bisoux as published in BizEd July/August 2007

"When business educators think of global hotbeds for management education, Kigali, Rwanda, may not be the first place that comes to mind. But what's happening in Kagali mirrors what's happening in markets the world over, says Robert E. Kennedy, executive director of the University of Michigan's William Davidson Institute (WDI)...." (read more on page 44)

What Does an Entrepreneur Support System Look Like?
excerpt taken from "Creating Systems for Entrepreneur Support", Economic Development America, Economic Development Administration (EDA)-publisher, Winter 2005

"Many regions claim that they have a small business support system in place, but, in most cases, these "systems" are simply a loose federation of non-profits and other support providers. A true system links all relevant service providers, operates according to common procedures, and offers...." (read more)

The Best Places for Doing Business in America 2013 as published by Forbes

" The new economy didn't disappear. It changed addresses. The dynamic, job-generating information-technology and service companies that characterized the boom of the 1990's are still around. But it's getting harder to find them in the usual high-tech clusters like Silicon Valley, Boston, and Austin. Instead, five years after the bubble burst and a year or so into an economic recovery......" (read more)

The Next Economy by Joseph E. McCann as published in BizEd March/April 2006

"Deans lose sleep about many things, but one question keeps me awake at night: Are we preparing students for the right economy? I suspect that 90 percent of the graduates we now produce are being educated for either the past economy, which was driven primarily by manufacturing, or the present economy, which is driven by services. At best, we are preparing only 10 percent....." (read more)

The Tenth District's Defining Industries: How are they Changing?

As published in the Third Quarter Economic Review, written by Chad R. Wilkerson and Megan D. Williams. (for complete story, read here)

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Papers of the Nebraska Economics and Business Association

Volume 17, Number 1, Fall 2005. Published by the Nebraska Economics and Business Association in cooperation with Wayne State College. (for complete issue, read here)

International Business

A collection of International Business blogs that will be of use to you.

Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global

A collection of blogs pertaining to Global Growth of Women Entrepreneurs

Center for Rural Affairs

"The Community Development Resource Guide is an easy reference document. It contains key references to assist communities. You will be led to grants, foundations, even low-interest loans through the guide."

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