Chris Exstrom, Ph.D.

Ron and Carol Cope Professor, Inorganic Chemistry

Office: BHS 405C   |    Phone: (308) 865-8565   |    Email:

Chris Exstrom


Ph.D., Chemistry (Interdisciplinary:Inorganic/Analytical/Physical), University of Minnesota, 1995
B.A., Chemistry (Magna Cum Laude, department honors), Illinois Wesleyan University, 1990

Areas of Interest
Non-vacuum preparation methods of semiconductor and noble metal nanocrystalline materials for solar cell and biomedical sensor electronics applications; solvothermal reaction pathway studies; lower-cost synthetic method studies.

Faculty Appointments
2006-Present, Professor, Department of Chemistry
2012-Present, Director, Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Program
2000-2006, Chair, Department of Chemistry
1996-2000, Assistant Professor
1995-1996, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Kenyon College

Current Student Project - Development of Solvatochromic (color-­‐changing) “Molecular Grid” Materials


External Grants/Contracts

Institutional PI for "Low-cost Non-vacuum Nanomanufacturing of the Absorber Layer of High-efficiency Solar Cells", $43,144, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research), 2010-2011.

PI for "CIBS Solar Development", $936,000, U.S. Department of Energy, 2008-2010.

Institutional co-PI for "Satellite Contaminant Materials Program", $134,523, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NASA), 2008-2011.

Institutional co-PI for "New Science and Engineering of Carbon-Based Low-Dimensional Nanoelectronics", $50,000, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Nebraska Research Initiative), 2008-2010.

Institutional PI for "A New Wide Bandgap Material for Semiconductor Solar Cell Materials", $132,000, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Nebraska Research Initiative), 2006-2009.

PI for “CIBS Solar Cell Development”, $770,000, Department of Energy, 2006-2008.

PI for "A Multicampus Renewable Energy Laboratory of Excellence", $303,255, Nebraska Research Initiative program, 2002-2006.

Project Director for "Soil-Vapor and Groundwater Monitoring at the EPA Cleburn Street Superfund Site", $229,854, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, 2000-2002.

Co-PI for "Implementation of a Writing-Intensive Chemistry Laboratory Cummiculum", $128,957, National Science Foundation (CCLI Adapt & Adopt), 1999-2001.

Project Director for "Summer Program to Enhance Rural High School Student Awareness of the Chemical Sciences", $19,949, Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation (Special Grants Program), 1999-2000.

Principal Investigator for "Effects of Molecular Modifications on the Degree of Charge-Transfer-to-Diimine Solvatochromism in Square-Planar Complexes", $24,838, Petroleum Research Fund (type B), 1998-2000.

Principal Investigator for "Molecular Modification Effects on Charge-Transfer-to-Diimine Solvatochromic Shifts", $23,303, Research Corporation, 1998-2000.

Curriculum Vitae

Chris Exstrom, Curriculum Vitae