Doug Waterfield

Professor, Painting and Art History

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Doug Waterfield


My career in the arts has been as varied as my tastes in music. Over the years I have experimented with a vast number of media and styles. I have lately settled into representational oil painting. As far as media, I like oil because of its forgiveness. If one changes one’s mind, or has a new idea, one can easily paint over areas that have been sitting for a while. The way oil lends itself to blending is also without equal.

With regard to style, I have chosen to paint representationally because it’s challenging, and more universally appealing. Focusing on portraits, landscapes and still-life paintings, I hope to continue to refine my abilities within this fickle medium. As far as using oil, my goal is to create a loosely painted, somewhat expressive work of art that is universally accessible. I want to create art that is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Plus, I like the smell. Lately, I have been experimenting with leaving portions of the canvas unfinished. Particularly in portraiture, I like the idea of the portrait sort of emerging from an unfinished, chaotic mélange. I think the painterly quality of my canvases also adds an element of energy and spontaneity that is unique to painting. In choosing to leave bolder, expressive marks, the viewer is allowed to see some of the painting process.

It seems that most people don’t really understand painting, or what goes into creating a work of art. If I can reveal just a bit of the process, maybe art won’t seem so nebulous and distant. There is not a widespread appreciation of the arts, so if revealing a bit of the process of art making functions as a way to combat that, then that is a good thing.

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