Where All are Valued and Respected

UNK is an academic community that pledges to foster a climate of rigorous intellectual inquiry, unfettered exchange of ideas, and mutual respect--inside and outside the classroom--that is grounded in the principles of academic freedom and academic responsibility.

UNK is a place where people matter. We promote an inclusive environment that affords equitable access and opportunity to every individual.

"I came from a really big high school, so I was lucky enough to know people different than I am. But, coming here to UNK and seeing that there are other people that may believe in different things, and practice different things, know other things. The fact that they want to show that and educate others who might not have had that same experience is also pretty unique."

Kylie Kenedy

Exercise Science/Special Education

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An Equity, Access and Diversity committee works to identify needs and advises Administration on programming. The links below are places to find specific related information.

multi cultural students in front of office

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