The Big Event

Students volunteering at the Big Event

Big Event 2018

The event will take place on Saturday, April 7th 2018

The kick-off for the students/volunteers will be at 9:00 am at the Ron and Carol Cope Stadium on Foster Field

The Service Projects in the community will begin at 9:30 am

What is The Big Event?

The Big Event, a national organization started at Texas A&M in 1982, aims to give back to local communities through one large day of service. Over 600 University of Nebraska at Kearney students, faculty, and staff participated in the effort to say “thanks” to the Kearney community during the 13th annual "The Big Event" on Saturday, April 7, 2018. UNK volunteers completed service projects such as window washing, yard work, and painting at 25 sites across the community. The service project benefits organizations, churches, and individuals in the Kearney area. The group is coordinated by the student government Secretary for Community Relations, a cabinet position appointed by the Student Body President. It is entirely student-run and funded by student government and community business sponsors.

In addition, The Big Event at UNK is based on the same core values as its predecessor at Texas A&M: service and unity. The Big Event views service broadly to encompass the needs of the community without respect to socioeconomic status. Additionally, community is not viewed simply as a place to live, but an opportunity to create meaningful relationships and give to something greater. One day is something that we can all take from our lives to give to those around us and build unity in our community.

The Motto
“One Big Day, One Big Thanks” guides The Big Event in showing its gratitude to the surrounding community through completing one day of service-oriented activities for neighbors and the community.

For information about job site requests or volunteering , please visit