Living Learning Communities

At UNK, we recognize that the campus environment and community it creates contributes significantly to a student’s success.  Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a unique residential learning experience that bridges academics and residence hall living together based on several themes.  Students may apply to live in an LLC based on their special interests or common goals. 

Within an LLC there is an instant opportunity to belong. Being a part of an LLC means the education continues outside the classroom as you live alongside fellow students that have similar academic values and interests.  Intentional programming, with planned access to resources and opportunities, leads to more face to face interactions with faculty and staff, which in turn can lead to a student’s improved capacity for academic success. 

The Thompson Scholars Learning Community and Honors Program housing have been a long standing tradition at UNK.  They both incorporate an all-encompassing living community and in turn have outstanding graduation and retention rates!  Now UNK is expanding the LLCs offered and we invite you to consider making one of these communities your home for the 2018-2019 Academic Year!

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community- CTE

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. This program is designed for a select population of students that are focused on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. In this program, you will live with UNK students with similar aspirations. Together, you will learn about the opportunities of entrepreneurship through a common course taken together (Entrepreneurship Around the World) and a variety of other entrepreneurial activities such as business challenges, social-entrepreneurship projects and a business-mentoring program. This program is for freshman and sophomores at UNK regardless of major or area of study. Each member of this community has the opportunity to apply for a scholarship each year. Once completed, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Development at UNK will visit with students and consider incubating student startup businesses at the University.  For more information about the program please contact Lisa Tschauner ( or call at 308-865-8135.

Gender Inclusive Living Learning Community- CTE

A themed housing option for students of all gender identities that provides educational programming geared towards supporting the unique needs of the GLBTQIA community specifically allowing educational opportunities for discussion around gender studies. This community will be focused on providing safe space training for the floor and participating in dialogue to further their education on gender. 

If you would like to receive more information, please email with the subject title of the email as ‘Interested in LLC’ and state which community you are interested in.

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Global Village Living Learning Community- Antelope Hall

Global Village is an opportunity for Nebraska and mid-west students to live in a community with students visiting from abroad and vice versa.  Opportunities to explore new languages, experience new cultures and immerse yourself in a living learning experience like no other offered on campus. Students will have a dedicated lounge space called the International Lounge to which they will be able to engage with students about various topics throughout the academic year.

If you would like to receive more information, please email with the subject title of the email as ‘Interested in LLC’ and state which community you are interested in.

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Honors Living Learning Community- Men's Hall

Honors students have the opportunity to live in Honors Housing which is located in Men's Hall. Men's Hall is a co-educational hall and was built in the Art Deco style. Honors students are not required to live in Honors housing but choose to because they see it as a great asset that provides a network of academically-oriented students who both challenge and support one another. It is a lively close-knit community of students who are focused on getting the most out of their undergraduate education. For more information about the Honors Program, visit

Kearney Bound Scholars Living Learning Community- CTW

Kearney Bound Scholars are students that have been dedicated to attending UNK since 9th grade.  This living learning community will offer support for students in this program with regard to social engagement and opportunities to explore campus with a great group of students.  This living environment offers a great space for their student organization to gather and discuss important topics with the group.  Students interested in learning more about the Kearney Bound Scholars program can call Josh Pierce at 308-865-1593. 

If you would like to receive more information, please email with the subject title of the email as ‘Interested in LLC’ and state which community you are interested in.

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Kearney Health Opportunities Program (KHOP) Living Learning Community- CTW

Students in the KHOP Program will have the opportunity to live in a Learning Community in the Centennial Towers.  The Centennial Towers are semi-suite style residence halls that will provide KHOP students with the opportunity to live and learn with other students interested in rural health care.  Students in this Learning Community will have common classes, mentors, academic success coaching, and programming that allows them to continue to explore medical professions and issues in healthcare.  All incoming freshmen in the KHOP program, including alternates, are required to live in the Learning Community.  Student interested in learning more about the Kearney Health Opportunities Program can contact Peggy Abels at 308-865-8260 or  For more information, visit the Health Sciences website at:

Thompson Scholars Living Learning Community- Mantor Hall

The Thompson Scholars Learning Community was established in 2008 and includes students who have been awarded the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Scholarship by a private foundation. UNK Thompson Scholars enroll in common classes, attend shared programs, and develop skills that assist with a successful transition to college and persistence to graduation. 1st Year Thompson Scholars live together in Mantor Hall, and faculty and staff members are also available to assist all Thompson Scholars at offices within Mantor Hall.  308-865-8364.

Check out the TSLC website for more information: