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Are you an international student wanting to study in the U.S.? Current UNK student wanting to study abroad or engage in global study? International alumnus wanting to stay in contact with your alma mater? Click on the tabs below for prospective students, current students, UNK International Alumni and Scholars. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

Prospective Students

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Each year students from 50 countries make UNK their first choice in quality education. UNK offers an unforgettable education at a respected residential university in the USA at a cost that is less than larger institutions in other states, while providing the safety and hospitality of small town America.

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Current Students

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UNK's International Center is a great resource for both international and American students. It features the Offices of International Education, Study Abroad, International Student Services, International Friendship Program and the English Language Institute.

International Alumni

Here UNK International Alumni can read the latest UNK news and information, see the calendar of campus activities and keep us up-to-date with where your path has led you since your graduation from UNK.

UNK International Alumni

Visiting Scholars

If you are interested in UNK's Visiting Scholar programs or services, click below.

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