5 Reasons UNK Physics majors choose Physics

#1 Hands-on research activities
Shoot electrons at atoms and molecules. Gather and analyze performance data from UNK's 1 kW Nikko wind turbine. Characterize device related parameters of ferroelectric copolymers. If you are the kind of student who likes to get your hands dirty with research experiments, then you are our kind of student. Read more about our hands-on research here.

Physics Career Wheel#2 Vast career opportunities
Students holding Physics degrees are in high demand because of their advanced problem-solving skills and their “do anything” abilities. Roughly 90% of all physicists are “hidden” physicists—physicists with a physics background but not a “physics” job title. These include engineers, consultants, researchers, computer scientists, and hundreds of other job titles. Plus, employees with physics degrees often rank near the top of the list in terms of salary.

Download our “Why Study Physics” PDF to learn more.

#3 Excellent facilities
UNK's lab and field equipment is among the best in the nation. Our planetarium is the best between Chicago and Phoenix. Our Foucault Pendulum is the only one in the state. The observatory is in constant use. The wind turbine is almost always cranking out electricity. Our lab is unique in that it uses spin-polarized electrons. The list of unique opportunities in our department goes on and on.

Hands on experiment

#4 Complimentary programs
Physics is the basis for many other sciences, including chemistry, oceanography, engineering, seismology, astronomy, molecular biology, biochemistry, medical physics, and more. Why study one science when you could learn about all of them? A broad, but solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of all these sciences is what makes a physicist such a knowledgeable problem-solver and attractive employee.

#5 Graduate-studies opportunities
Many UNK Physics graduates choose to go on to graduate school. After graduating with a physics degree from UNK, you'll find an array of opportunities for carving out your own niche at dozens and dozens of diverse graduate programs throughout the nation.

Still not convinced?
Download our “Why Study Physics” PDF to learn more.