Kyle Luthans

Chair & Professor

Office: WSTC 417C   |    Phone: (308) 865-8113   |    Email:

Kyle Luthans


PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1997.
Major: Management
Dissertation Title: Value-Added Human Resource Management:  The Positive Impact of High Performance Work Practices in the Electric Utility Industry

MA, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1993.
Major: Management

BS, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1992.
Major: Business Administration

Professional Positions

Academic - Post-Secondary

Chair and Professor of Management, University of Nebraska at Kearney. (2006 - Present).
Chair and Associate Professor of Management, University of Nebraska at Kearney. (2002 - 2006).
Assistant Professor of Management, University of Nebraska at Kearney. (1999 - 2002).
Assistant Professor of Management, Bloomsburg University. (1997 - 1999).
Instructor, University of Nebraska at Lincoln. (1995 - 1997).
Adjunct Instructor, Bellevue University. (1996).


Student Loans and Electronic Banking, National Bank of Commerce, (1991).

Teaching Experience

University of Nebraska at Kearney

MGT 380, Human Resource Mgt, 25 courses.
MGT 380H, Human Resource Mgt, 4 courses.
MGT 474, Intl Experiential Learning: Mgt, 1 course.
MGT 495, Adm Strategy & Policy, 3 courses.
MGT 499, Special Problems in Business, 5 courses.
MGT 499H, Special Problems in Business-Honors, 1 course.
MGT 803, Independent Study of Business (Graduate), 2 courses.

Directed Student Learning

Independent Study. (2013 - 2014).
Advised: Julie Hostetler
Dissertation Committee Member, "Understanding Why So Few Female Students Select Industrial Distribution As Their Undergraduate Academic Major," Educational Administration. (2011 - 2013).
Advised: Greg Benson

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Business and Technology. (May 2014).


Published Intellectual Contributions


Luthans, F., Luthans, B., Luthans, K. W. (2015). Organizational Behavior: An Evidence-Based Approach (13th ed., pp. 575). Charlotte, NC: IAP - Information Age Publishing.

Conference Proceedings

Luthans, B. C., Luthans, K. W., Avey, J. B. (2012). The Development of Academic Psychological Capital: Implications for Student Performance. Western Decision Sciences Institute Meeting.

Luthans, B. C., Luthans, K. W., Jensen, S. M. (2011). Academic Success of Business School Students: The Relationship Between PsyCap and GPA. Western Decision Sciences Institute Meeting.

Refereed Journal Articles

Schulz, S. A., Luthans, K., Messersmith, J. G. (2014). Psychological Capital: A New Tool for Driver Retention. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 44(8/9), 621-634.

Luthans, B. C., Luthans, K. W., Avey, J. B. (2014). Building the Leaders of Tomorrow: The Development of Academic Psychological Capital. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 21(2), 191-199.

Leung, A., Luthans, K. W., Jensen, S. M., Xu, H. (2013). Industry Peer Network (IPNs): Constructive Collaboration for Effective Marketing and Management Practices. Journal of Business & Management, 19(2), 51-65.

Luthans, B. C., Luthans, K. W., Jensen, S. M. (2012). The Impact of Business School Students' Psychological Capital on Academic Performance. Journal of Education for Business, 87, 253-259.

Luthans, K. W., Leung, A. (2010). Development of Human and Social Capital Through Industry Peer Networks. Business Research Yearbook, 17(2), 685-690.

Presentations Given

 Luthans, B. C. (Author & Presenter), Luthans, K. W. (Author). Western Decision Sciences Institute, "The Relationship Between Academic Psychological Capital and the Well-Being of Business Students," Lahaina, HI. (April 2015).

Luthans, K. W. (Author & Presenter), Luthans, B. C. (Author). Western Decision Sciences Institute, "Academic Persistence of Business School Students: The Relationship Between PsyCap and Student Engagement," Napa, CA. (April 3, 2014).

Luthans, B. C. (Author & Presenter), Luthans, K. W. (Author). Pan Pacific Business Association, "Academic PsyCap: Meeting the Challenge for International Business Education," Johannesburg, South Africa. (May 25, 2013).

Leung, A., Xu, H., Luthans, K. W., Jensen, S. M., "Learning and Growing with Peers: The Case of Entrepreneurs' Industry Peer Networks," Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Fort Worth, Texas. (2012).

Schulz, S., Luthans, K., "The Relationship Between Psychological Capital and the Commitment and Retention of Truckload Drivers," Mountain Plains Management Conference, Kearney, Nebraska. (2012).

Leung, A., Luthans, K., Jensen, S., Burkink, T., "Benefits of Industry Peer Networks: Knowledge Transfer and Financial Performance," Midwest Academy of Management Conference, Omaha, Nebraska. (2011).

Luthans, K. W., Heartland Technology Group, Orlando, Florida. (2010).

Luthans, K. W., Leung, A., "Development of Human and Social Capital Through Industry Peer Networks," International Association of Business Disciplines, Las Vegas, Nevada. (2010).

Luthans, F., Avey, J., Luthans, B., Luthans, K., Youssef, C., "Psychological Capital: Overview, Current Research and Future Directions," Decision Sciences Institute, San Diego, California. (2010).

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research


Luthans, K. W., Jensen, S. M., "Kelly Funds," Sponsored by University of Nebraska Foundation, University of Nebraska at Kearney, $8,000.00. (2011 - 2012).

Awards and Honors

Featured Article, SAGE Publications Management Blog. (May 2014).
John Becker Endowed Professor of Business, College of Business and Technology. (2011).
Outstanding Paper Award, Emerald LiteratiNetwork. (2009).


Department Service

Faculty Advisor, Multicultural Scholars and Leaders Day. (2013 - Present).
Committee Member, Assessment Committee. (2011 - Present).
Committee Member, CBT Online Degree Completion Program. (2009 - Present).
Committee Member, Management Department Curriculum Committee. (2007 - Present).
Faculty Advisor, Loper Preview Days. (2013 - 2014).
Faculty Advisor, Mortar Board Recognition Ceremony. (2013).
Committee Chair, Academic Program Review. (2011 - 2012).
Faculty Advisor, SHRM Advisor. (2003 - 2010).

College Service

Committee Member, CBT Chairs Council. (2006 - Present).
Committee Member, CBT Community College Transfer Guide Committee. (2011 - 2012).

University Service

Committee Member, Training and Development Minor ad hoc Committee. (2013 - 2014).
Committee Chair, Leland Holdt Distinguished Faculty Award Committee. (2011 - 2014).
Committee Chair, Peter Kiewit Student Entrepreneurial Award & Walter Scott Business Award. (2011 - 2014).
Committee Member, UNK Faculty Senate Athletic Committee. (2011 - 2013).


Professional Service

Editorial Review Board Member, SA Journal of Human Resource Management. (2013 - Present).
Interaction with Industry, Heartland Technology Group. (2011).
Reviewer, Journal Article, Midwest Decision Science Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana. (2011).
Conference-Related, Nebraska Business and Economics Association, Kearney, Nebraska. (2010).


For Profit Organization, Orthman Manufacturing, Lexington Nebraska. (May 30, 2013 - Present).