Health Sciences Academy

The 2019 Health Sciences Academy will take place June 3 - July 5 from 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday for high schools students going into their senior year. Students who complete the program will receive five college credits for the combined two courses of Biology for Health Majors and Opportunities in Health Sciences. Seating is limited to the first 24 students that register. 

Course Content

Students will receive hands on experience in Bruner Hall of Sciences' labs along with touring University of Nebraska Medical Center's Kearney campus facilities. The program will explore well-known health care fields ranging from medicine to nursing, but also include growing fields such as medical laboratory science. Students will be provided best practice tips in scholarship application practices, such as for the Kearney Health Opportunities Program Scholarship and other health-related scholarships. 


  • Earn college credit at the reduced rate of $75 per credit hour plus fees
  • Expand health care network and understanding of opportunities
  • Shadow health care providers and tour local medical facilities

Admission Instructions

Here are the admission instructions to the Health Science Academy for students entering the 12th grade:

1. Early Entry Enrollment (Click Apply Now)
2. If you have not created an NUID, then will need to “Create Your NUID”
3. After an NUID is created, sign on using your NUID and password.
4. Complete the application.
5. When you get to the Academic Interest section, complete the form as follows:

    1. Select the term for which you are applying: Summer 2018
    2. Admit Type: HS student taking UNK class
    3. College of Major: Non-Degree Seeking
    4. Academic Major: Non-Degree
    5. Academic Emphasis: No Value available

6. On High School Information, the to date will be your expected graduation date, NOT today's date. Use the 1st of each month. Example below:

  • FROM DATE: 08/01/2015
  • TO DATE: 05/01/2019

7. Ignore the College Information section.
8. Pay the $45 application fee.

  • Fee is good for next two years and will cover UNK, UNL, and UNO.

9. Request an email/letter from your high school counselor giving you approval to take these classes. Must have before we will enroll you in the classes. Email needs to be sent to

Final Registration Step

Once you have been admitted to UNK and your high school counselor has sent an email/letter to, fill out the online Health Science Academy Registration