Public School Self-Study

Case: A Nebraska public school needed to conduct a self-study for school improvement in accordance with North Central Accreditation. 

Methodology: A committee of teachers and administrators worked with the Center to develop a questionnaire that met their unique needs. The committee composed statements in three areas of interest, including School Climate, Management, and Instruction. Respondents read the statements and answered using a five point rating scale, from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree". Some demographic information was also collected. The research was gathered from eight groups, including: 

  • 513 students from eight elementary schools 
  • 343 middle school students 
  • 325 high school students 
  • 291 teachers 
  • 18 administrators 
  • 193 classified staff 
  • 339 parents (phone interview survey) 
  • 280 community members (phone interview survey) 
  • 2,302 Total Questionnaires bus

Results: Considerable analysis was conducted for each of the eight participating groups in the areas of Climate, Management, and Instruction. This school district used these results not only to recognize the strengths of the school district, but also to plan and set goals for the improving the delivery of services. Individual elementary school Administrators replicated the questionnaire for their building the next year to gauge progress in meeting individual building goals.