General Studies

Materials for Review


Faculty are invited to review and give input on the following courses by NOON on Friday, February 20, 2015. Please send any comments to the General Studies office (

The following courses (other than portals and capstones) are under review for addition to the General Studies program as of the 2015-2016 catalog. Approved portal and capstone courses may be offered in the next term after receiving full approval from the GSC and SVCASA.


    • SCM 188-01 - Dare to be Different: Building Career Capital for a Global Market


    • PHIL 388-01 - Pleasure, Goodness, Beauty, and the Sublime

*NOTE: Multiple portal or capstone topics approved in the same department are designated in this list with 188 followed by a number (01, 02, etc.). This number does not correspond to course sections in the course schedule and is used here to represent distinct topics only.