Placement Exams

English Placement Exam

Students wishing to take the placement exam to get into English 101 without an ACT or SAT score need to complete the English self-placement exam prior to New Student Enrollment.

Math Placement Exam

Mathematics placement is done with either the ACT mathematics score, SAT mathematics score, or with the UNK Mathematics placement test. We do not use any other test for placement. The placement test determines the appropriate entry level mathematics course. The placement test does not provide credit by examination. We recommend that eligible students take the placement test before their second term at UNK. The test is available at no cost. The score is recorded and it may not be taken twice. To take the online exam, access Canvas with your NUID and password.

See the math placement table that shows entry level course options using the ACT and SAT mathematics score and high school course work for placement.

Spanish Placement Exam

Students wishing to be placed in a higher level Spanish course may take the Spanish Placement Exam prior to attending NSE. To access the online exam, please visit Modern Languages and click on the Spanish Placement Exam on the left hand side of the page.