Parker Hannifin, Supply Chain Management Corporate Sponsor, Appreciates UNK’s Emphasis on Quality

Posted: October 3, 2023 12:00:00 AM CDT

For Parker Hannifin, a global leader in the technology industry, quality is a must. Fortunately for their Kearney location, they don’t have to look any further than their back door to find that kind of quality churning out of UNK’s College of Business and Technology every year. Colton Stuhr, who graduated from UNK in 2018 and is currently employed by Parker Hannifin, shares that they “want the type of person that can step into the role” which is exactly why one-third of the employees in his division are UNK graduates.

Stuhr explains that the Supply Chain Management program at UNK, which boasts an impressive 100% employment rate for its graduates, listened to the community to learn what was needed and then proceeded to help students grow into workers who have “all the right tools and skill sets” to fill the many opportunities available to them in Kearney. He shares that being a Champion Sponsor for this program speaks to the value Parker Hannifin places on UNK’s results and what it means to the industry.colton headshot

Each year, Stuhr makes it back to the campus he called home as a college student to attend several Supply Chain Management events. He is always certain to attend the career fair where he knows he will find interns for Parker Hannifin. He personally credits UNK for “giving (him) the confidence and the networking to reach out to the right people” to land his job, a gift he likes to pay forward. One way he does this is in his role as a supervisor for interns such as UNK student Dawn Dunbar.

Dunbar, who will be graduating with a major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management in May of 2024, learned from Colton Stuhr when she joined Parker Hannifin during her sophomore year. She describes the time as “definitely a good experience” and shares that “you can only learn so much in the classroom, but when you’re actually doing it, it really changes your perspective on it all.” She credits her work with Stuhr as giving her “a deep appreciation of the program” since she was given responsibilities that went beyond what she could have experienced in the classroom.

She shares that her work at Parker Hannifin “didn’t feel like an internship” because of the “level of responsibility” she was given. She’s grateful that they “gave (her) tasks and trusted (her) to figure it out.” Stuhr, who describes Dunbar as an “intern by title but buyer by practice,” was quick to point out that “she could back up any single one of (his) buyers.” Considering the rigor and hands-on experiences the professors at UNK provide for their students, it’s no surprise that Dunbar, as a sophomore, was more than prepared to step into her future role in the industry while still an intern.Dawn working at Parker Hannifin

Stuhr, who along with Dunbar, credits Dr. Greg Benson with helping create an environment that fosters excellence for SCM students who will potentially be employed in the industry, states that he wants to maintain his relationship with UNK. He shares that he “definitely got a deep appreciation for the program” as a student, a feeling which continues to grow as he spends time with interns and new hires.

As a current college student, Dunbar is also grateful to UNK and for her internship opportunity where she was able to work full-time in the summer and during the school year when her schedule would allow. This type of flexibility is a key ingredient to helping students succeed as interns. She shares that her work as an intern at Parker Hannifin helped to make her time in class easier as she was able to see firsthand what was being taught by her professors. In addition to lessons, she is grateful for opportunities UNK has provided such as her membership in the Supply Chain Management Organization. She is grateful that she was “fortunate enough to be voted leader” of this club for this school year. This type of initiative coupled with the entrepreneurial mindset she has already exhibited through her internship are signs of her future success in the industry.dawn headshot

Talent like Dawn Dunbar is the result of the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s ability to listen to the needs of the community, the expertise and passion of its professors, and the effectiveness of the experiential learning that takes place in its classrooms. Stuhr explains that “the talent is here in Kearney and in Nebraska and at UNK.” Although it is relatively new, he states that the “Kearney facility has done a fantastic job” for Parker Hannifin thanks to the quality of interns and new hires from UNK.

When it comes time for the Supply Chain Management Career Fair to take place on UNK’s campus this year, you’ll find Colton Stuhr scoping out the crowd. Thanks to the quality of education offered at UNK, he already knows whoever he hires will be able to seamlessly step into their new role with the exact set of skills needed to help his company succeed. Year after year, he returns because his company appreciates quality, and quality is what UNK produces.

By: Sandy Brannan

Category: Business and Technology, Marketing, General

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