Jael Johnson

Assistant Director, Campus Visit Programs

Phone: (308) 865-8703   |    Email: visit@unk.edu

Jael Johnson


Hometown:  Brady/Gothenburg, Nebraska area, which means that I grew up on a farm north of Brady in a place called Wild Horse Valley and I graduated from Gothenburg High School. 

College Education:  Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communications.

Why I love the University of Nebraska at Kearney:  I love UNK for so many reasons but in short I am more than thankful for the wonderful opportunities I had as a student attending UNK. First of all, I was able to be involved in several organizations on campus and have wonderful leadership opportunities. Second of all, I had excellent professors that were able to guide me through my academic experience. Also, there was always something for me to do on campus whether it was an athletic event, fine arts performance, a guest speaker and so much more. All in all, UNK was the right fit for me because it became my home away from home. 

Why I love the Kearney community:  Kearney, Nebraska is the perfect size of city for me - it is not too big nor is it too small. The best part about it is that it is constantly growing which means many more wonderful opportunities to try something new, whether that is a new store to shop at or a new restaurant to eat at.

Hobbies/Interests:  I grew up as a farm girl, which means that I love being outdoors doing such things as walking/hiking and playing sand volleyball. Also, I enjoy listening to music (all kinds of course) and the opportunity to travel. Most importantly, I love spending time with my family and friends. 

Random fact about yourself:  I have a very unique laugh…it is one of those things you have to hear it in order to believe it. Just for clarification it is a “honk” which should not be confused with a “snort”.