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Posted: August 22, 2023 12:00:00 AM CDT

Dr. Constance Li, a new Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s College of Business and Technology, has learned a lot during the travels that brought her to UNK. Her experience in the industry as well as her academic pursuits make her the perfect fit for the experiential style of learning that UNK is famous for.Dr. Li visiting Mexico

Dr. Li received her undergraduate degree in Shanghai, China before traveling to America to study at California State University in Los Angeles where she earned her Master of Accounting. She then spent two years working in the accounting industry, a time that taught her the importance of effective communication. She decided to pursue her Ph.D. in Accounting, a decision which led her to Florida Atlantic University where she, as part of the program, taught for two years. UNK students will have a chance to learn from Dr. Li this semester as she is scheduled to teach ACCT 251-Principles of Accounting Two as well as ACCT 451/851-Tax Accounting.

Areas of Research

Dr. Li’s academic research has focused on two areas important to the field of accounting. She has conducted research and published work in the areas of financial accounting and accounting information systems.

Best Academic Experience While Pursuing Her Ph.D.

As a worker in the industry who transitioned to academia, Dr. Li learned a lot from her professors at FAU. While pursuing her Ph.D. she was taught more than just the content she would need to teach accounting. She learned about the structure of writing which is a skill she plans to bring to her classes at CBT. Dr. Li shares that she understands her students, especially those involved in financial accounting, will need to effectively communicate via writing as part of their future professions.

Dr Li in graduation robes

Favorite Part of Teaching

Dr. Li shares that her favorite part of teaching involves communicating with people. Her desire is to help students make the connection between what they learn in school and what they will do in the real world. She wants to help them discover their personal interests within the field of accounting to help them prepare for their future professions. 

Plans for UNK Students

Dr. Li has big plans for her future UNK students. She is grateful for the small atmosphere available to her as part of the faculty at the College of Business and Technology. She explains that she is looking forward to memorizing the names of all her students and becoming close to them. She hopes to help them take what they learn from her class and use it in the jobs she is confident they will all be able to find after graduation.

Life Outside of Work

Travel is a huge part of Dr. Li’s life. She has visited over 20 countries, but Peru is her favorite. Traveling to countries in Asia, Europe, and South America has allowed Dr. Li to practice her many languages. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese, Spanish, Japanese, and some French.

While in Peru, Dr. Li was impressed by the culture of South America. Surrounded by people who lived without financial means but who were extremely happy with the little they did have made an impact on her as she watched them find joy in their everyday existence.Dr.Li visiting Mexico City

Advice to Future Students

After spending many years as a college student as well as time preparing taxes at a local accounting firm, Dr. Li has learned that communication is key. She wants her students to understand that working is important too. She hopes they learn that, in order to focus on their future clients, they need to obtain effective writing skills to serve them better. She also wants them to understand that the proper set of skills will help them reach optimal achievement at their current job and maybe even find a better one in the future. For Dr. Li, it all boils down to communication, something she looks forward to sharing with her students at UNK.

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By: Sandy Brannan

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