Hard Work Pays Off Thanks to UNK’s Generous Donors

Posted: January 31, 2023 6:00:00 AM CST

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The students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney don’t shy away from hard work. Thanks to the generosity of numerous donors, these students are rewarded for their incredible efforts inside and outside of the classroom.

Supporters who recognize the importance of investing in the future make scholarships available to deserving UNK students. The perfect chemistry of student effort and donor generosity creates an environment where excellence is given a chance to extend far beyond the classroom.

Eligible students have the opportunity every year to be considered for one of the many scholarships awarded at UNK. In fact, in the 2022-2023 school year alone, 295 of UNK’s College of Business and Technology students were awarded 510 scholarships worth a combined total of $524,000.

Each year, as another year of academic rigor comes to an end, UNK’s College of Business and Technology hosts Scholarship Night. This special occasion allows for an opportunity to showcase the numerous donors who have made these scholarships possible. Recognized are those who are being honored through memorial scholarships, those who have made endowed scholarships possible, and the many businesses, individuals, and families who have awarded various scholarships to students. UNK’s College of Business and Technology students are given the chance to put a face with the name behind the scholarship they received and to express their gratitude in person.

Excelling in academics requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Thanks to the vision for the future possessed by UNK sponsors, student effort is rewarded in a tangible way guaranteed to make a positive impact on their future.

To be considered as a scholarship recipient, eligible students may apply for the Continuing Student Scholarships from February 1 through 11:59 pm CST on March 1. The information can be accessed through the online application which is available on MyBLUE. By completing this single application, students will automatically have their information submitted to all qualifying UNK scholarships.

By: Sandy Brannan

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