UNK's First Wings Ceremony Scheduled

Posted: March 10, 2021 12:00:00 AM CST

CBT is extremely proud of this achievement for our aviation students. To commemorate their successes, a Wings Ceremony is being held in Okinga Auditorium March 26th beginning at 2 pm. Due to COVID restrictions, a limited number of guests have been invited, however, we will be offering a zoom link for family and friends who would like to view it. 

Again, sincere congratulations to these students on this momentous achievement.

  1. Emily Farley
  2. Takanori Isokawa
  3. Dawson Kouma
  4. Garret Campbell
  5. Hideharu Hayashi
  6. Takasugi Hayashi
  7. Colton Hill
  8. Sho Hirate
  9. Akira Yasue
  10. Suzuna Umeno
  11. Masahiro Suzuki
  12. Takashi Saito
  13. Tomoki Saito
  14. Clifford O'Dell
  15. Shu Masuda
  16. Kento Morishima
  17. Keiji Maehara
  18. Roman Kulbashnyi
  19. Timothy Herman
  20. Takasugi Hayashi

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