Aviation Systems Management Program Announces New Agreement, School

Posted: July 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM CDT

UNK has entered into an agreement with American Flight Schools (AFS) based in Denver Colorado, adopting a completely new Flight Training Agreement. AFS has established a wholly owned subsidiary called the Nebraska Flight School that will operate out of Kearney Regional Airport and will supply aircraft, maintenance, and full-time flight instructors to UNK. With a student pilot training membership over 1,300 students strong across six locations in four states, AFS facilitates over 90,000 flights per year. “We are fully equipped to deliver the highest quality services required by the aviation students at UNK,” said AFS President, Danny Smith.

On June 21 st, Capt. David Ballinger, Director of UNK’s Aviation Program, held a meeting with AFS’ President, Mr. Danny Smith, and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Greg Garvis, as an introduction for UNK Aviation Systems Management students at the hangar classroom facilities at Kearney Regional Airport. The AFS representatives made themselves available for questions about both the AFS and the Nebraska Flight School.

“This gives our aviation program stability, consistency, and flexibility in ensuring all our aviation students’ training needs are met,” stated Ballinger.

CBT Dean Tim Jares acknowledged that before the creation of the NFS, accessibility to flight instructors and equipment had become a barrier to degree completion for some students in years past.

“The creation of this more comprehensive agreement enables our aviation program to take our students to new heights by offering a more consistent availability of instructors and aircraft,” Jares stated. He added “we want to ensure that we are providing the quality experiential learning aspect to all our programs, and the creation of the Nebraska Flight School right here in Kearney is a huge step forward for our aviation students.”

Ballinger immediately implemented an expanded flying schedule as of the week of June 22 to ensure timely delivery of flight training for our students.

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