Student Spotlight - Kiley Bamesberger

Posted: April 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM CDT

Kiley Bamesberger has always been competitive and has applied that determination to her college pursuits. "I am driven by knowing that when I reach my end goal, I could help many people and would truly love my job."

Recently accepted into the Gold Torch Society, CBT student Kiley Bamesberger is not only a full-time student, but also a full-time Certified Nursing Assistant/Medication Aide.

"Since I began college, I have almost always worked a full time job while being a full time student (usually taking 18 credits a semester), so I have always been very busy. But, by doing this, I am going to graduate college debt free and have learned how to handle a busy schedule, which will be a huge asset after college."

Bamesberger in employed full-time at a Kearney hospital working twelve and a half hour overnight shifts. She admits that often she ended up going to class on little to no sleep, but she felt very supported by the faculty, especially Dr. Kyle Luthans. Luthans was the faculty member who nominated her for the Gold Torch Society citing her hard work and determination.

"It is much easier when you know you have people in your corner that support you and are proud of the hard work that you do, and Dr. Luthans is one of those people for me," Bamesberger shared. Kylie is due to graduate in December 2020 with a Business Administration degree and a Healthcare Management Minor.

By: BizTech E-News Staff

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