First UNK student to graduate with Professional Sales Certificate

Posted: April 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM CDT

Andrew Burival, senior Business Administration major with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management, will be the first student in UNK’s history to graduate with a Professional Sales Certificate. Marsha Yeagley, senior lecturer and Professional Sales Certificate program coordinator, commended Burival, “ Andrew wisely saw this as an opportunity to make himself more marketable”.

During his first internship with Sandhills Global in Lincoln, Nebraska, Andrew “developed a real affinity for the selling process, specifically relationship building and solution selling. When I was able to assist a customer and solve their issues, I felt so fulfilled,”. Burival cited another internship experience, this time with Cash-WA Distributing, further encouraged him through customer interactions which rekindled his interest in sales. By the time he was registered for an upper division marketing class with Ms. Yeagley in the Fall of 2019, he inquired about the certificate requirements.

“I was able to bring in my real world experiences into the classroom in the selling scenarios that we would go over in class which is the ideal way to expand your learning,” Burival shared of his time in Yeagley’s Professional Sales course. He continued, “given my affinity for sales I decided that it was something I wanted to pursue,” and found he only had one more course to take to qualify.

The Sales Education Foundation also recently listed UNK as a Top Sales University. Yeagley is encouraged about the future of the program, stating “the College of Business and Technology’s Sales Certification Program is filling a need in business and industry by providing quality salespeople while aiding CBT students to strategically position themselves in a competitive environment.”

Burival is humble in this recognition, sharing “it will truly be my honor to be the first recipient of the Professional Sales Certificate and I owe a great deal of thanks to Marsha Yeagley as she has guided and supported me through this process”. 

By: BizTech E-News Staff

Category: General, Business and Technology

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