How to Spring Into a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted: April 4, 2019 12:00:00 AM CDT

Woman walking up stairsYour health is a very vital aspect of life – the body that you are in right now is the only one that you get, so treat it right! Two ways to make sure that your body will last you a lifetime is by engaging in physical activity and properly fueling your body with the correct nutrients. If you are currently unhappy with your body or just want to improve your health, here are some helpful tips to rejuvenate your life.


  • Everyone has a different body type - pick and choose from a variety of workouts to see what works best for you, as well as what you will enjoy!
  • Aerobic exercise does wonders for the body’s mental and physical health, but this does not mean you have to run five miles a day (but go right ahead if you’d like to). Simply walking 30 minutes a day is proven to reduce tension, help maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen muscles and bones.
  • Find a group of friends to start exercising with, this will keep you accountable for any goals you have set and will make for a more positive experience overall.
  • Start out slow. Set goals that are realistic for you, so that you do not run into injury issues or end up getting burned out.
  • Be aware that it will take time for results to show, but they are worthwhile!


  • Do your best to avoid sugary drinks (yes, this is difficult, but beneficial). Sugary drinks are full of empty calories (not nutritional) and they do not fill you up, so you end up eating more anyways! They are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Try nuts for a snack! Nuts are loaded with nutrients, and a handful of them will hold you over between meals. They have been found to fight type 2 diabetes and heart disease and are helpful in losing weight.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is beneficial for boosting metabolism, getting rid of wastes, regulating the body’s temperature, and protecting tissues and joints.
    • Carry a water bottle everywhere you go.
    • Swap sugary beverages for water.
  • Fruits and vegetables all the way! Both fruits and veggies are plentiful in vitamins and nutrients your body needs on a daily basis and help protect against diseases. If you have not tried a vegetable (or fruit) in a while, give it a shot – your taste buds change over time and you may find that your interests have changed.


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